Filling hulls with helium

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Collin, Dec 24, 2011.

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    ...stop thinking....
  2. Stumble
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    Assuming the hull could take it, and could be sealed it would actually be more advetagious to remove the air, and not replace it with anything. Vaccume is lighter than helium.
  3. tunnels

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    why not go boating in space then anything could happen ! weightlessness so dont need a lead keel thats save a lot of weight . HULLS could be any shape , no skin friction to ponder of worry about ! would have to have enormouse sails to harness the solar wind . would always be plain sailing !:eek::):D:p:p;)
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    This picture is beautiful :)
  5. keysdisease
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    I filed patent on helium as used in augmentative breast implants. No sag and a built in leak detector, if voice starts to sound like a duck, leak indicated.

  6. Submarine Tom

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    Ahhhh, but mass remains unchanged.......

  7. sharpii2
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    A thousand cubic feet of air is said to weigh 80 lbs.

    Helium, IIRC, weighs about a third as much as air.

    So, at best your going to get a 53.33 lb reduction of weight for every thousand cubic feet filled with helium.

    With nasty, dangerous hydrogen that reduction goes up to about 70 lbs per thousand cubic feet.

    This weight reduction would easily be off set by the crew having to wear air tanks whenever they go below.
  8. rwatson
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    Why waste helium on boats. Airships can travel at the speed of the wind with no engines - much fast than any yacht, and no waves !!.

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    That was the only serious suggestion so far Mr. Watson...
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