Fifth International Student Design Competition

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    From Dr. Weisbrod:

    Fifth International Student Design Competition

    For Safe Affordable Ferries

    A project of the Worldwide Ferry Safety Association

    The goal of the Worldwide Ferry Safety Association ( is to improve safety for passengers and crew. To that end the Worldwide Ferry Safety Association sponsors an international student design competition to generate innovative designs for safe and affordable vessels.

    For the past four years, awards have been made to student teams of $10,000 annually, with $5000 awarded to the top team.. An impressive roster of internationally-distinguished maritime professionals serve as judges. Awardees have been recognized at international maritime conferences and through widespread media reports. The previous competitions were to design: a passenger ferry for the Bangladesh river system; an inter-island RoPax for Papua New Guinea; an inter-island RoPax for Indonesia; and an urban passenger ferry for Bangkok, Thailand.

    This Fifth Design Competition for a Safe and Affordable Ferry is focused on designing a passenger ferry to traverse the Singapore Strait between Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

    Student teams who register between August 1 and November 15 will be provided with the Terms of Reference. Entries are due on January 5, 2018. For questions kindly contact Dr. Roberta Weisbrod, executive director of the Worldwide Ferry Safety Association, at Please register your participation through

    Registration should be made by the team captain. Information to be provided includes team captain name, academic institution, address, phone number and email address; faculty advisor, name, address, phone number and email address, and the contact information for the other team members. (Team members may be modified at time of submission of design). Those teams that register will be provided with a registration number and will receive the Terms of Reference for the vessel to be designed.

    Please forward to professors and students who might be interested.
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