Fibre Re-Inforced Thermoplastics & Vinyl Wrap

Discussion in 'Materials' started by PI Design, Oct 4, 2012.

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    There are loads of rotomlded unreinforced thermoplastic boats. Indeed, the Feva has been the worlds best selling two man boat for a few years now. But without reinforcement they are heavy and flexible (but tough). Discontinuous strands of glass can be added to the mix for better mechanical properties whilst still allowing it to be rotomlded, alternatively long continuous stands of glass are mechanically even better, but the material can no longer be roto'd. But in this form it is like a prepreg that you lay up and heat to melt and cool to set.

    Very good mechanical properties but allegedly poor UV resistance. Helicopter blades and cricket bats are often wrapped in a PU sheet specifically for abrasion resistance and they can be UV treated, but I don't know how well they will stick for years in the water.

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    The foam filled Feva seems to be the same weight as I would expect from the same design in solid fiberglass.

    I would put some figures on the UV resistance - I don't think that it is a problem for plastic with UV inhibitors or someone using a boat cover.
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