Fiberglass lifespan

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Cacciatore, Sep 22, 2018.

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    Hi Guys ,

    what is the fiberglass lifespan in seawater and swamp water without drydock works ?
    Features of fiberglass - Orthoptalic resin and Gelcoat
    Can I reach 20 years using Isoptalic / Neopentyl Gelcoat without blisters ?

    Thanks in advance for the support.
  2. ondarvr
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    If you plan to leave it in the water 100% of the time then use either a good ISO, and/or a VE skin coat.

    You won't know a good ISO from a bad one, so use at least a VE skin coat.
  3. trip the light fandango
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    You can't work polyester etc over epoxy, but a coat of epoxy as a seal is more waterproof and harder than the others, however an intact gel coat,.. should last more than 20years submerged I would think. but I'm guessing a bit , it depends on what else is in the water.
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