Fiberglass boats more comfortable than wooden boats - help answer this(?)

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by ned L, Mar 20, 2009.

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    I would ask :"why do you think that" or something similar to find out the reasons behind the claim and the context around it before jumping into endless and meaningless and useless debate over it.
    But if it takes place in some forum instead of face to face things could be dealt with differently.

    This thread already proves how different things can be considered when word comfort is used, it's no use continuing without knowing the context.

    But in the end, it's not about the materials but how they are used in a particular design. Same comfort level can be accheaved in grp than in wood if properly used and cores are allowed where appropriate. Either one may end up more cost efficient depending what kind of boat is in question.
  2. apex1

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    Even if you do´nt like it Alik, there is definetily no chance to contradict my statement: 95 out of 100 people feel much more comfortable in a dry, quiet wooden hull, than in a loud, sweating GRP hull.............. period
    If feeling or emotion becomes part of the game, the missing 5% will join the pack.
    And you are for shure professional enough to know that.
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    I agree, this is psychological comfort - wooden envioronment makes better feeling compared to gelcoat finished saloon.

    About loud and sweating FRP hull - this is not true for sandwich... Again, should discuss details of particular constrction, not general 'who is stronger - rabbit or hedgehog?' :)
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    "Fiberglass boats more comfortable than wooden boats - help answer this(?)"
    in upkeep comfort fiberglass and dont get me wrong; i've got nothing against wood but like it most printed on parts of the fiberglass ;-P
  5. yipster
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    yipster designer

    oops, just making my point as many do for wood but really belive it should be a combination
  6. apex1

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    Right, naturally, but WE must not discuss that point, WE know the answers.

    But the initial question was pretty broad, not GRP sandwich, nor Wood/ Epoxy was mentioned. SO,

    Why is a yellow boat faster on Friday´s ? I would say, the answer is:

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    I remember having this discussion 30-odd years ago on the occasion of sea testing some work we had done on a Rybovich sportfisher and one of the men remarked on how hard the Rybo slapped his feet when coming off a wave when the Bertrams he was used to came down more softly. The Rybos were built so solidly there seemed to be no give and every shock just came right through the deck into one's feet. I suspect this was due as much to shape as construction. I recall that the faster carolina sportfishers would do the same thing and they carried almost no deadrise aft. Perhaps it was just that the wood boats of the time tended to be built to older flatter designs that used less horsepower. Hard to beat a wood boat for cabin comfort though, particularly if ceiled properly.
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    Which comfort??

    Par and others are correct in that such a judgement is purely subjective.

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    Thank you everyone for your input and comments. I appreciate the time and effort it took for the replies. I won't say how close to me the 'acquaintances' are that this discussion was with, but it is real, and their they just believe that I am to much of a wooden boat lover to 'admit the truth' and won't believe that fiberglass boats are more comfortable. My argument contained MANY of the same points as were brought up here (including, surprisingly the exact same analogy of the different color cars), and my beliefs are right in line with the consensus of comments here. They won't even believe that design has a greater effect on 'comfort' than hull material. Maybe your replies will help show that I'm not the only one with these thoughts, and will help to educate at least one person. Thanks!
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