fiberglass and plastic

Discussion in 'Materials' started by tomj07, Mar 13, 2014.

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    does any type of epoxy adhere to plastic? I just replaced my whole rotten floor with a polyboard instead of wood. Now, I'm trying to fiberglass the polyboard to the hull itself. any suggestions?
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    Can you use solid fasteners, steel, aluminum, or bronze, or a composite? Could you adhesive 1"X1 1/2" piece to the hull as a ledge to rest your sole piece on then screw it down?
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    Welcome to the forum Tom.

    Please be more spicific about what you've installed. "Polyboard" could be a number of things, HDPE, UHMPE, PVC, composite, reclaimed, etc. If it's the stuff I think it is (available at Lowe's/Depot) it's recycled milk jugs and other industrial waste products, extruded into sheets. There are so many of these types of products showing up on the market, I don't have data for all of them, so a true product name and possible manufacture would help narrow things down.

    If it is reclaimed PE as I suspect, you can 'glass it, but not well. I wouldn't consider it a structural bond, that's for sure. It might be better to 'glass in a flange along the deck perimeter and bond the the new sole down to this. This would also permit hard fasteners and a bead of polyurethane (goo in a tube), just to be sure it doesn't leak.
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