Few questions about a concept

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by gunship, Jun 29, 2010.

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    Few questions about a design (normal boat content)

    First off - this is entierly theoretical. no plans on building this ever.

    now, this is a boat (or rather two versions, one larger and one smaller) that i've come up with. the idea is that it should be a good sailor, good motorcruiser and a good home. basically the usual motorsailor, except it should be able to perform as a home for permanent living and the only addition being an optional electric supply from land.

    hopefully i can get scans of it in a week or so, but apart from not being in my current house, my scanner is very bad, and tend to make my drawings diffuse. i may be able to photoshop it or just re-draw it in ink.

    Now to the boat. the verision i made that i'm more interested in is a small motorsailer, and not exceeding 4 meters wide. thats because where i live (sweden), a boat that is larger than 4x12 meters (i think it has to be BOTH) requires alot of more paperwork, and formal qualifications to sail it. as it's unclear (to me) whether this is included overall length (bowspirit, rear dighny, etc.) i chose to make it approx 13m long and 3,90m wide. so its a little sleek perhaps. (EDIT: changed now, is wider at a 1:3 ratio-ish)

    its a two masted schooner, a rig i strongly like, as i think it looks good, and the overall theme of the boat is "traditional".

    and now for the questions: how wide are usual walking spaces ("traffic lanes") in a boat? i'm asking because as you try to fit in all stuff you want, there is a tendecy to make things smaller and smaller to make things fit.

    secondly, is there any effective way of getting electricity out of a wind driven generator? doesent have to power TV, AC, and all that, but at least a little light and such.

    thirdly, how much space should i leave around the engine? as for now, i have barely standing height and about half a metre around it, with a few openable doors to provide acess (you dont have to stand in those half metres, though its the easiest acess..).

    fourth, whats the situation on large windows? im thinking of the weelhouse, as all my other large windows (a few at the stern) are coverable by "gun ports" in a nice traditional fashion. i've got a few round portholes as well, but those can be fitted with some kind of storm hatch, not?

    fifth: about those things that would be preferable to place close to the centre of movement (metacentre?), what are the main things here?

    that's all for now. thanks!
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