Ferry in India sinks: When will they learn?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by JosephT, Apr 30, 2012.

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    With regard to pure laissez-faire economics, one man's freedom (e.g. to avoid boat design and/or max capacity regulations) is another unsuspecting man's death sentence. As such, laisses-faire = a crock of crap when it comes to public safety.

    In a respectable court of law what occurred in this case amounted to premeditated murder by the laissez-faire businessman. Sure, the leaders in India will say it was a natural disaster, but we all know the real truth. The leaders in India, along with the ferry boat operaters really don't give a damn. They're in it for themselves. To hell with public safety and the customers. It's cheaper to pay off the families. Forget about those who were killed. Shhh. Yeah, we get the picture.

    Such law evading characters are ripe for hanging in the public square, at least in the old days. A law marshall by the name of Clint Eastwood would surely hang-em high. I'm with Clint on this one.

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    Oh no - we wouldnt want a 'nanny-state' :)


    But, even 'top of the heap' countries play the 'life value' game

    " one-third of all accidental deaths in the U.S. per year still involve cars. In fact, someone in this country dies in a car accident every 15 minutes."


    if the lives were properly valued, we would all be travelling at 30 mph, in speed governed vehicles, on dual lane roads everywhere.

    The cost in productivity and infrastructure would be appalling though.

    Boating statistics for the US are interesting reading too.

    The fact is, the more you earn, the more people value your life - its just economics.
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    aranda1984 aranda1984

    Ferry Safety Regulations

    Take the Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria with your small car.

    It is efficient, safe, comfortable and costs around $ 100.00 one way.
    ...Not many people in India could afford such a trip.

    It is a shame to talk about the people who lost their lives in an arrogant matter, but to me it looks like as "population control".

    I am truly sorry... but the real fact is that we live in a glass bubble. We have no idea how cheap human life is in most parts of the world!

    Our SPCA has tougher regulations then many countries regarding people's safety!

    Stephen I. M.

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    During the Katrina hurricane disaster in New Orleans, My neighbor went there to rescue animals. She was the Animal Control Officer for the Florida Keys at the time. The rescue effort for the critters was quite well funded and the rescued animals received excellent care; Meanwhile, the citizens of the ninth ward were abandoned or left to rot in the arena, and some were shot who tried to walk out to the safety of higher ground to the north. The animals were not seen as a threat.

    This isn't a third world problem. It's a class and corruption problem. It's not about economics per se. Its about exploitation by the power class and security of the power class and how they maintain their sense of security and what they do when their sense of security is threatened. And it happens the world over. By the way- if the ferry accident had happened in the US, it would not have been the worst disaster of its kind. Might have been second. It would have been blamed on the weather. Boat owner would be public Knowledge. Relatives would get nothing for many, many years until court cases settled. If the entitled class gets jumpy, you best keep your head down, no matter where you are.

    I wonder how many will apply for the money allotted to them. I wonder when it will be paid out. I would appreciate any info on that if anyone hears anything.
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