Discussion in 'Software' started by rapscallion, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. rapscallion
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    rapscallion Senior Member

    What are designers using for finite element analysis?
  2. alidesigner
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    alidesigner Senior Member

    I have previously used the Femap pre-processor with Nastran Solver in commercial applications and loved it. Very user friendly.

    You could also look at Cosmos and Ansys.

    Also the mid range 3D cad systems such as Solid Works and Solid Edge come with basic fea capabilities. SW now comes with basic flow analysis too.
  3. yipster
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    yipster designer

    i'm still trying my teeth in inventor
  4. PI Design
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    PI Design Senior Member

    ANSYS. Increasingly using Ansys Workbench rather than the 'classical' version.
  5. dimitarp
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    dimitarp Junior Member

    I use a program that only use for the problem that I want to study. This provide more accuracy
  6. wet feet
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    wet feet Senior Member

    I would like the ability to make progress with learning more about FEA/FEM and only a few days ago stumbled upon CAELinux.The price is unbeatable and the demo worth watching.

  7. FeaMan
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    FeaMan Junior Member

    INVENTOR contains ANSYS (basic capability)
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