FEF importer/exporter and parametric part developer in python

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    This is a program I have developed to be able to create complex yet developable parts for my design.
    It is written in python, and part of the project is to import and export FreeShip exchange files (.fef).
    How it works:
    - reads in a fef file, containing one face
    - according to a function (named "func"), it transforms the points of the face. the transformation function is now circles upward, while moves in longitudinal direction and compresses in vertical direction. you can use any function by changing "func"
    - writes the resulting part into another fef file

    you can find the remains of another approach (define a path, some vectors, and stopper surfaces in function "oldmain". This approach did work, but very hard to define an object with it.

    everything is wired in for now, and practically no comments, as it is a one-shot script (I guess I will reuse the import/export part though)

    It is released under GNU GPL.

    The "legs" of the boat had been created with this software.

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