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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by wannabeboater, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. wannabeboater
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    wannabeboater Junior Member

    Well thankyou, how much $ does it cost, if i can give him a sketch and he makes it come to life, and not end mine =p
  2. stubloomfield
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    stubloomfield New Member

    If you want to contact me directly I can send some more information on other designs we have or develop something based on your sketches. I have attached a simple profile of a 56' design we have below as an example.
  3. Bruce Woods
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    Bruce Woods Senior Member

    That's a lovely sail, that we completed earlier this year. Did you leave from Bamaga or Weipa.

    Regards Bruce.
  4. apex1

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    We should not talk a novice into such nonsense.

    If you ever anchored in the billabongs of the blue water community you will soon be told the plain truth behind the claims!
    One example is the comparison between multi and mono: the cruiser Cat is not much faster on average blue water distances, although technically capable of much higher speeds!

    Instead of opening the whole basket of products available or thinkable, to confuse a novice even more than he´s already, we should try to go a professional way. Lets establish a "book of requirements" first, then have a look what fits best, a one off, a proven series built, a customized design, etc..

  5. wannabeboater
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    wannabeboater Junior Member

    Apex, i don't know if you understan what i meant, i know that that is true, i want mine to be safe in severe conditions, i won't be trying to race, as it is dangerous, atleast in those conditions... i would like her to do that on good days so we can have fun.
    StuB, thats a lovely design. I do like it, but how is the layout ect.?
    Otherwise, i may put a sketch up, do you know of any software where i can make/post it?
  6. apex1

    apex1 Guest

  7. wannabeboater
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    wannabeboater Junior Member

    How about nautitech's? i like their newish 47 ft and their late 90's 48 ft. Are they anywhere close to my requirements in safety and performance?
  8. wannabeboater
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    wannabeboater Junior Member

    Here it is =] Do you like it?
    Should i add detail anywhere?
    its my first sketch ever, enlarge it and it looks better

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  9. apex1

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    Must have overlooked that.
    Do´nt let them talk you into such a boat! The Gunboat claims to be a racer, not exactly what you asked for. Moreover you find, well, lets say bold, statements on their website. Claiming that a racer is stronger built than a cruiser is the sheer nonsense, no, its criminal! It is either a raceboat or it is a strong boat. A raceboat can be strong enough to finish one or more races (in the latter case it´s already a looser), but never strong enough to be a cruiser!
    And every ocean race record is a perfect proof of that!
    All the nice (and expensive) performance of such boat immediately drops to nothing when you are provisioning for a ocean crossing. If you would find the space on a racer.
    Thats another topic. Who tells you that provisioning for children can easily be more than twice the weight than for adults? Nobody. The boatbuilder or designer does´nt know, and if, he does´nt tell you, `cos CATs pay heavy performance penalties when it comes to weight!
    A CAT with the same tankage, provisioning etc. than a mono will have lost almost all of his speed advantage! Thats the flip side of the medal...
    So, take care who tells you what! Especially here, where you sometimes find more opinions than experience, this was a perfect example.........
  10. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    Well, thanks for the flowers, but I could´nt do worse than making statements on a specific boat when it comes to valuation of safety! At least in the public I would not consider a discussion about that topic.
  11. Stumble
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    Stumble Senior Member


    I am just curious about a few things:

    1) do you have an idea what you would be looking to spend on a boat? This can radically change what might be suggested.

    2) What type of long distance sailing have you done in the past? For a novice I always suggest chartering a number of boats of the type you are interested in before buying. Remember this is a large purchase, for many people a larger one than their house, and it is harder to sell.

    3) How tied to a multihull are you? There are advantages to both multi and mono hulls. If you don't understand those very well you could be led down a bad path choice.
  12. wannabeboater
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    wannabeboater Junior Member

    1) The max would be about $500,000, thats why i am looking at used boats also.
    2) Not that much, but when i'm starting i will have a family/friend on board with a lot of experience, and i plan are chartering when it comes very close to the buy.
    3)I'm very tied because of speed, space, and luxury, I like monohulls, but i like catamarans a lot more. I have road on tri's,cat's, and mono's and i like cat's the most.
    for now the "best" boat would be a cat, when the time for a monohull comes, then i'll get one, but today is today.
  13. Alan M.
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    Alan M. Senior Member

    From Bamaga/Seisia. Yep it was a nice sail.
  14. Guest62110524

    Guest62110524 Previous Member

    YOU have to be totally up front and honest here

    1-- do you have the money
    if you are just pissing abt, you are wasting our time, and money
    WE ARE here to help BUT?

  15. apex1

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    The sketch, as other designs shown or mentioned here shows a severe disadvantage: forward slanting windows. Looks very "speedy" but is not practical on a passagemaking boat. Imagine the heatload under these windows! Now imagine the extra tank you build in just to keep your AC units running full time! There are several safety issues on top of that!
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