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Farrier 720 unfinished project must sell due to serious health challenges.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Denis Backhous, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Denis Backhous
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    Denis Backhous New Member

    For too many years I have been working on my Farrier 720.

    Finally life has caught me up, and spinal cancer has made absolutely sure that I will never (a) finish the 720, and (b) never be able to launch it or crawl over it to sail it.

    So I offer it for sale as an unfinished project and commend it to any builder who lusts after a rot – free 720. This is for you!

    I'm located in Tasmania, Australia, so I apologise to overseas readers. But please feel free to pass my details to any friends who may have Aussie links.

    Thank you.

    What I have ....

    Paper plans and Farrier’s original Building Manual. Also a CD put together by the Brisbane TrailerTri Club with all plans and manual on it in a form that can be reprinted for restoration purposes only – with Farrier’s blessing, I believe. Brisbane was of course where he developed the designs before going to the ‘States.

    Galvanised trailer to Farrier’s drawings. I used to build these for Geoff Finegan who at one time was the official arm of Trailer Tri Supply Co. Bck in the 1980’s. Trailer is on 15” Commodore alloy wheels with a couple of bare spare alloy rims. Disc brakes are all brand new – in fact the hydraulics have never been connected so the discs are only a little rusty, never applied in anger! Master cylinder brand new and unused, Bearings have only travelled down from Brisbane to Tassie – about 2000 miles.

    All glue has been epoxy. A mix of WEST resins and some Bote-Cote glues depending upon who was offering best prices at the time.

    Scantlings were mostly Oregon, except where harder timber was specified.

    Main hull up to the wing decks is completed. Bottom epoxy glassed all around with several thicknesses on the very bottom to handle beach abrasion. Interior chines all finished as per plans, and the inside bottom is preservatised with epoxy preservative and then a second coat of WEST resin. No decks fitted. All ply was Hancocks (Brisbane) marine grade, and there are a few sheets left over that carry all the grading stamps to verify.

    Both floats are complete but without decks. One float is epoxy glassed, the other is not, and needs a light sand and sheathing.

    Beams are polyester fibreglass from Geoff Finegan – who used to make them as part of his service to builders – A darned sight more economical of time than making them yourself! Once he had the moulds made, all he had to do was crank them out. He used to charge around $600 a pair, as I recall. I thought that was good value and bought a pair.

    The centreboard is glued up with a ply core and hard maple boards on either side, as per plans. Ready to plane and sand to aerofoil profile.

    I have laminated and planed the curved cabin “roof” (deckhead) beams and they only need a light sand to remove the bird poo!

    I have also bandsawn some nice shield-shaped end sockets for the beams from some very pretty silky oak, intending to do a few bright highlights in the cabin to offset the white pre-coating I was going to pre-apply as I fit the cabin flat panels together.

    I really want this project to go to a good home – not to some dreamer - but clearly my main priority is to sell it, so if the worst happens, my wife is not left with the job of shifting it.

    I say again – there is NO ROT or decay anywhere. This is like a time capsule. Nothing to re-do – just keep moving forward. The manual suggests that another 250 hours are probably required for a reasonably competent woodworker. I’d about agree – but somehow life kept getting away from me (sigh!).

    Please pass this ad around. I’m in Stanley, NW Tasmania. Email denisb@synergisticmanagers.com
    0448 103 508

    I’m clearly open to all offers, but please be realistic, bearing in mind that the trailer alone was $600 to galvanise – after all parts costs! And you can estimate the materials costs for the boat for yourselves.

    I’d listen hard at around AUD $2500 - $3000.

    It will be a bargain no matter what, particularly as renovated 720’s are asking in excess of $20, 000.
  2. charlyIII
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    charlyIII Junior Member

    If it doesn't sell soon, then I hope you (we) can donate the thing to some worthy cause there in Tasmania. The boatbuilding online community is huge, and your post strikes a chord in many of us. I am good for twenty bucks- just tell me where to send it. I am sure we can raise a good purchase price online. Best wishes!
  3. rwatson
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    rwatson Senior Member

    It is still my fear that health will be a problem before my current project is realised.

    I have sent you an email Denis, and just mention it in case it goes astray.

    It might be something I can take on.
  4. rwatson
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    Location: Tasmania,Australia

    rwatson Senior Member

  5. Charlie Madden
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    Charlie Madden New Member


    Hi Denis

    Sorry to hear your news. Very interested in your boat - roughly how far have you got in the project?

    Best regards

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