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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by AlohaDan, Oct 27, 2008.

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    AlohaDan New Member

    Have a couple of question on the FAO boats at:


    1. Has anyone built one?

    2. Does it pound at higher speeds as design notes state?

    3. On their Panga site bateau
    [ http://www.bateau.com/studyplans/PG22_study.htm?prod=PG22 ]states:

    "Because of their hull rocker, the FAO boats were limited to displacement speeds.

    Builders modified these plans to allow the boats to plane with larger outboards but kept the original narrow beam, fine entry and high bow. The result are fishing boats of moderate speed designed to hold heavy loads while maintaining fuel efficiency."

    How would a FAO boat be modified to get rid of the rocker? Looking at the 6.3 meter boat, for example it looks to me that the transom could be extended to line up with station #1
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    Aloha Dan,

    I'm not going to take a guess at how much work would be required to modify that particular boat to your way of thinking. I would assume however, that quite a few parts would need to be modified/trimmed/added to in order to make it happen.

    I gather that you are looking to a plywood stitch and glue fishing boat. Send me a private message as I have another avenue that might suit your needs.

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