[FANTASY] Ideal 24 meter trimaran

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by eiasu, Oct 4, 2012.

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    I apologise for this dreamer non-technical post,
    I hope this kind of post is accepted and tolerated,
    I am just a dreamer, I am figuring out the ideal fantasy-multihull
    for my commune friends (about 20), to have a nice trip in a wooden flavour
    trimaran wharram-style with a lot of cabins.
    I choose 24 meter that is the limit of our European nautical license,
    and I have heard that the trimaran is the most confortable boat existing,
    even though the catamaran offer more space.
    The question is:
    I would like to have an idea how much room we could have on a 24meter
    trimaran keeping a good performance (something like the wharram pahia 63 just
    bigger and with a central hull).
    with the main hull of 24 meter, what is a realistic beam of the 3 hulls?
    Would be realistic to have the side hulls wide enough for cabins and a
    1,5 meter bed?
    I do not know if the trimarans have the side hulls only for bouyancy
    or can also be used for cabins.
    It is really a fantasy question, I am aware of this ;)

    For example if I take the Chris White Hammerhead 54 Specifications can I just
    enlarge any dimension times 1,54? (just very roughly to have an idea how much room i could
    have on this ideal boat)

    Chris White Hammerhead 54 Specifications:

    Length overall: 54'0"
    Length waterline: 52'3"
    Beam overall: 34'6"
    Displacement: 17,000 lbs
    Draft: Centerboard 2'6" to 9'0"
    Sail area Mainsail: 858 sq/ft
    Sail area Jib: 492 sq/ft
    Sail area Staysail: 250 sq/ft
    Masthead clearance frm LWL: 64'

    Thank you very much,
    please do not get angry - if possible

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    Corley epoxy coated

    Scaling up any design by that amount is not really practical a few percent sure. Many multihulls receive extra length in the form of transom and bow extensions but it doesn't normally increase their displacement or payload very much. Ed Horstman has some trimaran designs that use the depth of the beam and floats as accomodation in the size bracket you are after. Performance will reduce with accomodation and equipment better to simply accept it and build a boat that can carry the load in my view rather than overload a performance design.
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  4. eiasu
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    Thank you very much!
    I was googling bif tri-s but i did not find Ed Horstman,
    looks great!
    Somebody has direct experience with his designs?
    really thank you
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