Fake wood?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Westerly23, Feb 9, 2009.

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    At the boat show, I saw many newer sailboats that had the classic looking strips of wood running fore-aft in the forward birth and some in the aft birth too, but when you inspected them, it was not wood, but maybe some plastic type material.

    With the cost of wood and the labor to stain and finish wood, I’d like to look into these faux woods a bit more. They looked like they can in a sheet, 4X8?

    Anyone have more info on what the material is, and where one might find them?

  2. PAR
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    This is probably what you're looking for. It costs about 25 bucks a yard and has a repeating pattern every two feet or so. Since it's a scrim, it drapes well, but offers no strength other then the resin needed to apply it. It's purchased by the yard like all fabrics and isn't a "sheet goods" product like plywood. It's more expensive then wood of course.
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    Hmmmm...they offer custom designs too...it'll cost you >$100/yd, but it could save loads of work if you're wanting a parquet look on your deck :cool:
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    What you lay on the deck, wether it is teak deck or rubber or plastic is there for decoration. The final touch. If you depreciate that, may be should you be ready to drop your price accordingly. Just have a look at the big boat builders like benetteau, Dufour, Hanse ... all of them are either teak or other species.But always wood. It seems that they prefer to lay on even 5mm thick teak rather than plastic. This is just a comment. If you source well, teak panel any dimension comes in quite cheap. If you want an offer, please let me know so that we can all compare.
  5. apex1

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    Go for proper wood as "teakcell" mentioned.Forget the scrap.

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    We supply a glass or polyester veil, which can be used to simulate wood on polyester or epoxy laminated parts. Looks nice from a distance, but from really close you can see that it is no wood. For a lot of products it is good enough, however...
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