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    Hi, i'm British, bilingual/french & 'worked-based' on the naval Yard at La Ciotat, France; halfway between Toulon & Marseille.
    I spent several yrs on Full-Fairs/Scratch & Gloss projects; Spain, Italy, Dubai & here in France....Lorient, la Rochelle & Cenon near Bordeaux before coming to La Ciotat working on a New-Build CAT for H2x in August 2006.
    Working "self-employed" i've remained here at La Ciotat due to the availible work given out by the Firms based upon the yard; HYDRA SUD SERVICES, MONACO MARINE , COMPOSITE WORKS & H2x.

    Competent & comfotable in the following tasks:

    - fairing/re-fairing & my 'prep-work' is very good
    - application/spraying of Primers, Ultrabuild, 545 etc (hulls & Superstructure)
    - Topcoating of 'details' & off-boat pieces
    - GEL COAT & Non-Skid
    - laminating; Wet Hand-Lay & familiar with Vacuum-Bag techniques
    - SANDBLASTING of Hulls & off-boat pieces/Blasting Booth: 'very
    - Running gear: marine growth removal by grinding/or Scotchbrite & application of PROPSPEED
    - Antifouling/Airless & roller

    At the moment, the work here is pretty inconsistant with frequent 'gaps' between jobs so would invite any interest from persons "in the game": Due to the variation & nature of the work undertaken, i'm able to put my hand to most tasks & will forward photo's depicting the above if an email address is provided.

    I've no qualms in working away/Overseas as long as accomodation is provided; Punctual, Reliable & more than capable of doing my job


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