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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by PMC, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. PMC
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    PMC Junior Member

    Fairers wanted to work in south africa immidatate start for the right applicant, Readvertised due to being let down at the last minute

    Thanks PMC
  2. lbmarine
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    lbmarine New Member

    Im a qualified fairer from england, with 7 years experience of running and supplying teams of upto 35 guys, the last couple of projects i worked on were velsheda complete refair in spain and new build MY SARAFSA in devonport (plymouth)
    If your interested in me supplying some guys who also have experience feel free to contact me on lbmarine83@yahoo.co.uk with further details of the work pay duration regards lbmarine
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  3. dannyburke
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    dannyburke New Member

    i have got approx 12 yrs experiance in the trade.
    i am available at short notice,as my last project recently came to an end.
    please feel free to contact me via e-mail.
    kind regards.

    email- dannyburke@yahoo.com
  4. kiwifloyd
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    kiwifloyd New Member

    hey. i got 3 years exp, and can start work at anytime.... email kiwifloyd@gmail.com if interested...
  5. ninomark
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    ninomark New Member

    n&m yachts international

    do you still need fairers for imediate start ?

    please call me or email me if you still require experianced fairers

  6. Cajundawg
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    Cajundawg New Member

    Hi, I have 21yrs in Painting and fairing of superyachts. And I have also supervised crews fo up to 40 guys. I can supply a CV (Resume) at your request. I can be contacted at oliverdcq@hotmail.com for any futher info
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    AJS63YACHTS Junior Member

    It looks like I might be the oldest to reply, but that only means, more experience when it comes to problem solving... I have been in the business
    for over 30 years, and have traveled to work with locals to apply the materials and assist in the training with regards to most materials
    used in the fairing and topcoat applications. Have been in business for myself, so I know what it takes to be efficient and profitable.....


  8. promanes
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    promanes New Member

    Are you still looking for fairers. I am a South African currently residing in Knysna. I have faired boats in numerous countries in Europe and the middle east. Boat builder by trade with a solid background in painting of yachts and super yachts.
    Please contact Paul Romanes on promanes@yahoo.com
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