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    What a fabulous post BHOFM.

    It just so happens that my first photo ever published was of Jackie Stewart driving for Matra/Ford in the 1968 German Grand Prix at Nurburgring. I sent in the image as a lark and Stern magazine published it. I was 19 years old and a soldier in the US Army in Germany.

    Here's a shot of the great Giacomo Agostini riding his dominant, 500 cc MV Agusta from the 1969 German Grosser Preis at Hockenheim.

    Thanks for reminding me of those carefree and wonderful times in my life when roaming about Europe on weekends, going from GP's to 1000 km races every chance I got.

    We should probably talk at some point.

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    I was a great admirer Giacoma, Mike the Bike Hailwood, Phil Read, Bill Ivy etc
    In those days I rode a 650ss Norton
    I will talk too, I spend 4 months year De, and all over Eu Keep a car in Austria on the Danube, Ybbs an der Danau
    I had a helmet like that , was a Cromwell, one good thing abt it was that you could HEAR the bike
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    I lived on a Gulfstar 41 for 17 years, spent most of my time
    on airplanes and in airport terminals. Five marriages, failed.
    One daughter I barely know.

    If I had it to do over, it would be done differently. I taught
    Jr High tech for the last five years of my working career. I
    think if I had it to do over, I would have been a teacher.

    We are getting a bit off the topic, hope there is no problem??

    I have a couple pics of Jimmy Clark, will look for them.
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    off topic no prob, do you mean the great Jim Clark, from Scotland, racer of all types? who from memory crashed after car failure testing FI?
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    this morning, it is mid winter here although days are mid 20,s c
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    they hafta be the weirdest creatures
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    That's the guy. Have to think about where the pics might
    be. Old age thing.

    When we were moving to the new house about ten years
    ago, the truck with a bunch of boxes in it was stolen. The
    truck was recovered the next day, but the boxes were gone.
    They contained all my pics and negs from forty years
    of photography. I have about .5% of the pics that were
    not boxed. Also my wife was a model for several years and
    all her stuff was in the boxes as well.
    We found out later they had all been thrown in a dumpster
    at an E-Zmart store.
    The second greatest tragedy of my life.
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    Clark died at Hockenheim, just outside of Heidelberg, Germany while driving an F2 machine. As far as I know, something on his car just let go, he veered off the back straight at speed and ran straight into the very dense forest.

    The car virtually exploded into thousands of small bits and lit the forest on fire. In those days, there were hardly any guard rails, or even safety run-outs along the track at many Euro locations. The back straight at H'heim was a mad dash at full chat with the wall of trees just a few yards away on both sides.

    A great driver gone in the flick of an eye.

    Speaking of eyes and drivers... Phillipe Massa is apparently up and walking after head surgery and eye socket repair due to being struck in the helmet just above his left eye by a part off another F1 car during practice for last weekend's Grand Prix of Hungary at the Hungaro-Ring.

    It is now rumored that the Ferrari driver will be replaced by none other than the dusty has-been, Michael Schumacher. ;-) Schuey hasn't driven in four years, other than some Go-Kart exhibitions and such. He feels that he can get it together in fairly short order as a bit of honor to Ferrari, the marque that carried him to so many World tiles in F1.

    Personally, I think he's nuts. That is one wicked world out there and all the young hotshoes will be itching to get a piece of the legend, while the old guard will have a few unfinished scores to settle from Michael's sometimes ultra-aggressive career on the track. Mike has punted more than a few other drivers right off the track in an attempt to deny them a race win or World Title. If he had been racing in NASCAR he would have long ago had his egg cracked by a well swung wrench in the pits.
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    I remember Jim for his ford mk one(lotus?) cortina, with one front wheel off the ground
    Shumie tests for Ferri still or advises, but , he quit at the top, he has the money, success, fame, why go break a neck now
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    bob the builder

    comes to visit me
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

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    you may try for more compassion, yes Bt Builder has no idea, but at least I do listen, to all people,
    all folk are welcome in my home, then I JUDGE Read back in this thread eh, I met many, turned virtual to real
    Go ahead larf you head off
    Bob is no bull , yet in thsi forum since 04, I have seen much Bull
    You have changed Paul, you used not to resort to this sorta thing
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    masalai masalai

    Par, thank you for sharing your boat building experiences, much appreciated, and I learnt soooo much :D:D:D:D
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    well ya would would you not? he posts for beginners, carefully cultivating a following, but he wrote off xarex, a lovely man, cultured and clever, knockin him off the board
    Paul ya need to grow up ya started ok, dont let your pts tally run away with your head

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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    My post wasn't directed to anyone in particular and any inferring such would be incorrect. I can count the number of times I've posted in the open forum on one hand and I'm fairly sure only one other time in this thread, where I posted a picture of myself.

    As for Xarax, I remember beating on him in the water ballasted motorsailor thread, but I left that thread just after the first page and wasn't the worst of the lot in this regard. The thread continued for a few more pages without my participation, so clearly he had other reasons to bail out (if he has). Considering he posted yesterday and at least a dozen additional times after I left the motorsailor thread, you're may be miss informed.
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