Fabricator wanted (Ontario, Canada)

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Phil Locker, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Phil Locker
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    Phil Locker Junior Member

    Competition Composites Inc. of Ottawa Ontario Canada is looking for a fabricator to join our staff. Good fairing/finishing skills desired. Attention to detail is a must. See www.fastcomposites.ca for background on our company and our "Phil's Foils" brand of rudders & daggerboards. Email CV in confidence to phil@fastcomposites.ca.
  2. dddarrin
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    dddarrin New Member

    What kind of wages are offered here?
    I have 3 years experience in fiberglass fabrication at Carlson Structual Glass a few years back and built Odysea Invader boats there. The wages were terrible, but the work was fun, albeit extremely itchy. I'm actually at it again in florida, and this time around is much more enjoyable.. Doing all the composites work on a beautiful Colvin junk-rigged schooner :D

    Around here experienced fiberglass fabricators make a lot, but am under the impression that it just isn't worth it in Canada. Here people appreciate being able to see themselves in their gelcoat.
    too bad i can't work here! stupid canadian citizenship! :p
  3. wojtek_pagacz
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    How much do you offer? What new projects are you taking on?

  4. afrhydro
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    i have 30 years
    whats the pay
    pm me if you like
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