Extra Hydrostatics for Archimedes and FreeShip

Discussion in 'Software' started by jam007, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. jam007
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    jam007 Junior Member

    As I wanted to calculate hydrostatics for a sail boat under different loadings I created this program.
    It uses .hll (Archimedes) and .obj files that can be exported form DelfShip or FreeShip.

    Please use it if you want and let me know if you have any comments.
    I have only tested it for a limited number of settings and it might have errors and most likley bugs.

    I recommend:
    Downloading the example files to see how it works.
    Using Java Web Start.

    Anders M
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  2. yipster
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    yipster designer

    Anders, thanks and when come the multihulls? good effort and gave it a quik try but dont reconise file type?
    made me think of dumchikov's bio design witch was / is a rather nice free boatdesign program too
    with a animated displacement module, do you happen to know yours is something similar?
    if thats the case than i'll see to get it installed proper and try it with delftship
  3. Tim B
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    Tim B Senior Member

    Go to my website (marinedesign.tk) and go to "free stuff" there is a GHS to hll file convertor called gf2hll

    Good Luck

    Tim B.
  4. jam007
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    jam007 Junior Member

    Well. I found out too late that Archimedes was a bad choice to base the program on if you want to make multihulls. Rather annoying sice I´m a multihull sailor my self. But it is solvable.
    Could you expand on the file type problem?
    Not sure how similar it is. I made it to make it possible to heel and trim the hull and to test different CGs etc. It calculates floating position and a number of parameters (wetted surface, CB, waterline length etc.) for a given mass and CG. Also makes it possible to add heeling and triming moment to see floating position under load.
    The 3D view is maybe not truly animated but updated as the program is run.
    I made it command and file oriented to get rid of GUI since I don´t like to program those and I think it makes the program more open for mixing with spredsheets and other useful programs.
  5. jam007
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    jam007 Junior Member

    To use the program. Please try the example file hull.zip. Unzip the file in a directory of your choise. (Easiest is to put the files it in the same directroy as the program.)
    If the files are in another directory you have to set working directory using the program Menu or the command dir after you have started FreeFloat.
    The file commands in hull.txt can be run using the command run hull.txt to check that everything works.
    The file consists of the following commands:
    #Exempel på initiering (Example of init)
    echo on
    load hull.hll
    # Ställler in värden (Sets values)
    mass 6.5
    cb 0 6 0.2
    rotp cb
    cg 0 5.8 0
    pos -0.5 0 0
    #Visar 3D (Shows 3D, As the .obj file has the same name as hull.hll unly show is needed)
    # Lite beräkning (Some calculations, Saved in test.txt)
    dip 6.5 0 0
    out test.txt
    float 0 0
    float 10 0
    float 20 0
    float 30 0
    float 40 0
    float 50 0
    float 60 0

    Hope it helps.

  6. CGN
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    CGN Senior Member

    Thanks for your help Jam007
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