Extending cockpit area by balconie from both side

Discussion in 'Stability' started by Erdem, Feb 12, 2021.

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    Erdem New Member

    If we decided to extend cockpit zone by putting balconie in starboard and port side, which is similar to Galeon 500, what kind of stability problems may occur? This hull will be based on recreational craft directives(RCD).
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    The Galeon 500 is a very wide boat and seems not to have stability problems. I don't know what yours is like and I can't tell you anything. You have to study the effect of the passage to a band.
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    Welcome to the Forum Erdem.
    Do you have any drawings or photos of your boat that you can post?
    If you cannot post them because you are a new member, you could email them to me or Tansl, and we will post them?

    Do you want these 'balconies' on either side of the cockpit to be permanent, like wings, or would they fold up, and only be used while at anchor?
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