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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Chris Ostlind, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. Chris Ostlind

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    I was taking a break this morning from my numb butt and tweaked eyes while cranking out boat plans in the studio and decided to wander over to the Exploder 23 website. You know, those Polish guys who were making the full-tilt-boogie, mini ORMA60-ish design for a Trans-Atlantic go sometime in the future?


    Well, they've had some good water testing over in France and are now back in Poland where they have added two feet to the aft end of the vaka hull. So, it's now the Exploder 25.

    I'm really curious about this boat, but slightly dismayed that they have gone bigger with what was a cool, small performance multihull vision, intially.

    Whole lot of new photos here: http://www.exploder.info/eng/content/view/41/119/


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  2. Doug Lord

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    Exploder 25

    Very curious-thanks for the update Chris.
    I know they were goin to sail with lifting(foil assist" foils on the amas but didn't see them in the pictures. Can't see adding to the transom of the main hull unless they were using a t-foil on the rudder like a couple of Ormas do. That would increase the effectives of that foil. Or maybe the boat just floats too low for light air? Would be nice to hear some of the reasoning behind it.
    This is what they say:

    " INSGRAF trimaran has retuned to Poland
    INSGRAF trimaran has retuned to Poland
    Exploder Sailing Team has returned from France after first oceanic tests of trimaran Exploder 23. Wojciech Kaliski and Adam Skomski plan to start from Cadix and to reach San Salvador in record time this autumn.
    Wojciech Kaliski, the skipper, exchanges the impressions from the sailing on the ocean waters: "We are really satisfied with the results of the tests taken in oceanic terms. Yacht has fulfilled our expectations - it's very
    fast and it gathers speed fast. It has a great potential, at more than 10 knots wind it easily exceeds the speed of 20 knots. We have also performed the test at almost 30 knots wind and we achieved the speed over 20 knots on the 2nd and 3rd reef. However one must remeber that Exploder 23 is experimental boat. The tests on the ocean, in conditions similar to those that we will face during the trial of Atlantic overrun, proves that yacht requires slight improvements and modifications. Due to high speed and considerable over sails the construction is affected by huge strains and forces, some sore points must be strenghtened. We will also lenghten the stern of the main hull by 2 feet - up to 25 feet. Trimaran is already modernized in Szczecinek shipyard and within few days it will be launched in Zatoka Gda?ska. Onother issue is that with it's speed and acceleration, yacht requires a lot from the crew. Sailing with maximal speed requires total concentration and absolute knowledge of the boat. It's perfect cognition will take time, but we need this time for several trainings. We decided to postpone the trial of Atlantic overrun til autumn - probably it will be December. The decision about return to Poland was hard, but the only sinsible one - it would be to dangerous to sail accross Atlantic unprepared".
    "We will not waste time during comming season - just after modernisation of the boat we will lunch it and start regular trainings on the water and to participate in races like in Gotland Runt. In this race we will start out of competition, because the regulations of the race exclude the participation of that small yachts. However this will enable us to compare the achievements of Exploder 23 with other, bigger boats, to learn and master the yacht, so we are well prepared to the trial that will take place in December" - Adam Skomski added.
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  3. Raggi_Thor
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    Raggi_Thor Nav.arch/Designer/Builder

    I think it's interesting.
    Poland has been the low cost building place for many french, german and swedish (and other western europeans) "builders" for some years now. It's interesting that they develop new designs on their own.
  4. Rolf Nilsen
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    Rolf Nilsen Junior Member

    It is a very interesting design with few competitiors. In that size range the beachcats reign supreme for racing so far, but I would like to see a faster "off the beach" trimaran. Question is wether it is doable as weight and drag increase with size..
  5. RHP
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    Does anyone have any further information on this yacht, did they ever put it into production? The website doesnt give a price and I cant find any for sale on teh secondhand market. Good looking boat and would be great to see a sail test against the Multi23.
  6. bill broome
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    bill broome Senior Member

    maybe it's tending to squat, adding a bit to the run is the simplest fix.
  7. basildog
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    basildog basildog

    Hi Everyone,
    Just yesterday I received an offer by email to purchase a new Multi23 delivered here in Australia. Introductory offer Cruiser - (dacron main and jib) $49.699.00
    Racer - Laminate Main, jib and Screecher $53.899.00 Both prices including trailer and all running and standing rig. Ready to go.
    web site; multi23.com.au
  8. basildog
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    basildog basildog

    Jeez how dumb am I,
    I assumed the Exploder and the Multi23 were the same thing WRONG!!

    Sorry guys

  9. patrick2wd
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    there were only one or two of these tri's made,
    one is sailing in brittany, bought by a french guy some years ago, as far as I know, no further planns exist for building more of these..
    Im interested in the molds but no reply yet..
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