Explain Sailboat Specifications

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by bfhaynes, Jul 3, 2006.

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    I wanted an explanation of Sailboat specifications. I understand LOD, LWL, and headroom etc... I would like an explanation of Beam. How is the Beam measurment defined.
  2. Eric Sponberg
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    Beam is the maximum breadth (width) of a boat.

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    Well, theoretically you could have significant variations between beam on waterline, beam on deck, and beam between rubbing strakes.
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    Beam is generic, like length.

    If you want specifics you modify beam or length with words like waterline (waterline beam, waterline length).

    Is there a real question here?

    Common usage is maximum width of the hull. (not including fenders, rubrails etc.)

  5. tspeer
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    ITTC symbols

    sailboat dimensions and design ratios

    LOA = Length Overall - overall tip-to-tip length of the boat
    LWL = Length Waterline - length of waterline of the boat
    DWL = Design Waterline -theoretical waterline length of boat as opposed to LWL, which is actual waterline length
    BMX = Beam Maximum - width of the boat at the widest point
    BWL = Beam Waterline - widest beam of boat at the waterline
    I = Height of the foretriangle measured from the top of the highest sheave to the sheerline
    I2 = Height of staysail halyard above deck
    J = Base of the foretriangle measured from the front of the mast to the intersection of the forestay and deck
    J2 = Base of staysail triangle
    P = Luff length of the mainsail
    E = Foot length of the mainsail
    LP = Shortest distance from headstay to the clew of the jib
    (from Harken site)
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