Experimental Results for Catamarans

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    Hi everyone

    I'm looking dor Experiemental fluids dynamics (EFD) results of catamarans or trimarans with the coresponding geometry in order to do validations CFD/EFD.

    For monohulls there are plenty of data available like for the DTMB or KVLCC with the Goteborg convention but I'm looking for catamarans and trimarans. Would anyone know of any available data?

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    The NPL Series should be first on your list.

    Molland, A.F., Wellicome, J.F. and Couser, P.R.,
    "Resistance experiments on a systematic series of high speed displacement
    catamaran forms: variation of length-displacement ratio and breadth-draught
    University of Southampton, Ship Science Report 71, 1994.

    There are many other reports for this series, starting with Bailey's work:
    Bailey, D., "The NPL high speed round bilge displacement hull series",
    Maritime Technology Mono-graph, No. 4, RINA, 1976.

    Some NPL series hulls were also used in trimaran configurations with
    varying amounts of longitudinal stagger. See:
    Day, A.H., Clelland, D. and Nixon, E.,
    "Experimental and Numerical Investigation of 'Arrow' Trimarans",
    Proc. Seventh International Conference of Fast Sea Transportation,
    (FAST '03), Ischia, Italy Vol. 3 pp. D2-23,D2-30 (October 2003).

    Finally, there have been a number of papers using Wigley hulls in catamaran
    and trimaran configurations. A search should find them quite easily.
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