experienced sprayers/painters wanted

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by kevinpainter, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. kevinpainter
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    kevinpainter Yacht Painter

    I am looking for people to start work in September this year in the South of France and maybe Italy. The work will mainly be re-paints on yachts 30m and upwards.
    I am only looking for experienced people only, especially good sprayers.
    Please send me your C.V. and any other information that you think is relevant...such as photos and references..


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    RAGGYROWE New Member

    Sent Cv And Email For Reference

    Hi Kevin.just Sent Email Possibly To Work In France .cheers .raggy
  3. simplyred
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    simplyred New Member

    Do you need fairer,s and finishers.

  4. all coatings
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    all coatings New Member

    Hi Kevin,
    We currently have a small team with experienced sprayers, fairerĀ“s, finnishers, we are currently in Spain and have finnished all our latest projects, with our yard here in Valencia going through alot of debt problems we are looking to move on, We have experience from 20m to 100m Yachts,
    Please can you get in touch and let me know if we can do buisness,
    kind regards Adam Sheriff
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