Experienced GRP Vacuum Infusion Moulding (VIP) reqd

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by watchkeeper, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. watchkeeper

    watchkeeper Previous Member

    A boat production company is planning to ramp up its production manufacturing capability to bigger boats, better technical expertise and improved production methods.

    My company will provide the hands on staff and technical people for the project.

    If you are a boat builder or GRP techniciian with extensive marine GRP in particularly Vacuum Infusion moulding (VIP) experience interested in the challange of a new project I would like to hear from you.

    I also require a qualified CAD designer with VIP software experience or interested in learning and also experience with 3D model making for developing infussion.

    I am particularly interested in Aus/NZ boat builders - anyone interested please email me at shaun@orlops.com
  2. groper
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    groper Senior Member

    your email address does not work... do you have another?
  3. watchkeeper

    watchkeeper Previous Member

    We've had issues in China recently with cyber attacks and emails being blocked etc.
    I don't want to list another email for spam/scammers, can you send me a pm and I'll reply with another email address for your application.

    Our company is based in Australia, I'm based in China.
  4. canoedave
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    canoedave Junior Member

    Hi, did you receive my pm I sent yesterday? Also looking for your email to send my resume. Thanks
  5. grahampace
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    grahampace Junior Member

    good evening watchkeeper. will you consider drawings & 3D visuals produced in malta?


    graham pace
  6. watchkeeper

    watchkeeper Previous Member

    Hi Graham, unfortunately we can't for this project.
    The requirment is that each expat key team leader has to train a team and also mentor his replacement.
    I estimate the initial project with training, greenfield set up to take a min 20months to 2yrs to completion.
  7. BPL
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    BPL Senior Member

    The orlops.com website is down and was also down in 2011.

    Do you have a company website?
  8. watchkeeper

    watchkeeper Previous Member

    The mail orlops.com is a web mail only, our company uses for public disclosure such as forums when requesting reply contact, making general enquiries with parties in certain countries, it has never been a website.

    We learnt the hard way (expensive) not to publish our email address because of scammers, spam mail and staff opening mail with trojon malware that hijacked our site and online agent site that we had to pay to get released.

    If you wish to learn about our company, website and services send me an email.
  9. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    wow you in a cold part of the country ??
    South Korea was cold till i went to Changchun a ways north of where you are !! hope you have a good work shop !!
  10. watchkeeper

    watchkeeper Previous Member

    The region of NE China I'm based at gets to average 12 below to 20 below (occasionally) late Dec to March period but the project referred to in the post will be a greenfield business start up in the Middle East.
  11. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    So have to trade the COSY warm jacket for a bullet proof vest over me jockeys and bomb proof boots ??

  12. watchkeeper

    watchkeeper Previous Member

    I worry more about shaking hands with imported labour from countries yet to learn the benefits of toilet paper otherwise its a long way from any of the current combats.
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