Experience with hydraulic linear drives

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    Good day,

    what experiences do you have with hydraulic linear drives?

    I have used a Lecomble and Schmitt for about 7 years and about 20000 miles without big problems. I have changed the carbons once, that is all. The only cosmetical issue is surface corrossion.
    I am planning to install a new autopilot and collecting information about the various elements.

    What other drives are there, which can be recommended for quality, reliability and servicing?

    - Simrad HDL Series
    - Raymarine
    - Octopus Linear drives ( claim to be more efficient than others????)
    - Lecomble and Schmitt
    - JGTech http://www.jgtech.com (never heard of them before, seem to be cheaper)
    - Or any other drives you can recommend

    Thanks in advance.

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