Exhaust pipes, diving ladders, propellers

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    Over several holidays scuba diving in the Red Sea I saw enough of where the average warm-water about-100-foot diving liveaboard keeps its parts, and I have seen these arrangements:

    * I saw a big 2-engined liveaboard called Sir Cousteau, and on its stern, as well as the propellers were two diving ladders - and each of its two engines' diesel exhaust pipes blew open-straight-ended point-blank through each of the diving ladders.

    * I had a holiday on one boat, which had a square recess astern, which contained the diesel exhaust pipe and the propeller and the diving ladder. At least, here the end of the exhaust pipe turned 90 degrees and blew down towards the water. If there was no wind, and the engine had to be kept running, the stern recess became a gas chamber, and the dive master advised us, when coming out of the sea after a dive, to keep our diving masks on and our scuba mouthpieces in until we were well up on deck.

    * My first holiday there was on the Sea Surveyor, which was more like 150 feet long, and in it the "unholy trinity" were kept well apart; the propeller astern, and the exhaust pipe blew upwards out of the top of the superstructure, and diving was by a ladder diagonally down one side of the ship.

    *Some other liveaboards were more sensible, and their exhaust pipes blew each out of each side towards the stern.

    *I heard of a case when a diver was climbing up a liveaboard's diving ladder after a dive, and the engine's exhaust blew her diving mask off.
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    Sweet... My favorite was less exciting.
    The builder forgot to fit a vent for the fresh water tank so he 'teed' it into the galley sink drain. The owner had a great source of 'culture' and 'live organisms.'
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