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  1. Radnall Global
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    Radnall Global New Member

    Radnall Global is a career consultancy specialising in the design, construction and management of luxury yachts. We have over ten years experience working with the leading design consultants and builders worldwide.

    We are currently looking for the following people:

    Commercial / Operations Managers Yacht fit-out - Dubai
    Production Managers Yacht fit-out - Dubai
    Project Managers
    Senior Interior Yacht Designers
    Mid-level Interior Yacht Designers
    Interior Design Manager
    Exterior Yacht Stylists

    If you are interested in any of these positions please contact me to discuss further

    Many thanks

    Neil Radnall
  2. fjta
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    fjta Junior Member


    I’m an italian architect-designer, my name is Fjta and I’d show to you my curriculum vitae.
    Actually I’m working for an italian design studio and during this time I worked on design projects for international firms (trasportation and product design) in charge of the management for projects and chief designer. Now I’m looking for a work in the boat design field.
    I'd like to send to you my curriculum vitae and some example of my work; so, please, may you give me an email address where I can send this informations?
    Thank’s for the time
    Best regards

    -on Boat Design Gallery you can see n°2 examples of my works searching for: "vela verde" and "catamaran"
  3. Radnall Global
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    Radnall Global New Member

    Radnall Global

    Dear Fjta

    Many thanks for your message. You sound an interesting person and I hope I can help you find what you are looking for. Please send me your CV to
    neil@radnallglobal.com including your email address and telephone number. I will then contact you directly and discuss opportunities.

    Kind regards

    Neil Radnall
  4. lazeyjack

    lazeyjack Guest

    Evening or morning if you are in Dubai

    I have tried to send you a PM, regarding these positions, but you system does not allow such
    please email
    rgds Stuart

  5. thomas.dal
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    thomas.dal designer / Architect

    Designer / Naval architect

    Hello Neil,

    My name is Thomas, I'm 30 years old.
    I'm actually working as a car designer/projet manager.
    I've a 6 years experience in car interior/exterior design field.

    This year I've passed a master in Naval architecture.
    And I'm now looking for work in the naval field.

    It would be a pleasure to send you my resume and some portefolio samples of my naval work, at least to have your opinion about it.

    You can contact me there :



  6. sharifi
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    sharifi Junior Member

    sharifi-iran-naval architect with machinery experiance

    dear sir:
    Please find in bellow my cv.
    best regards
    M. Sharifi
    Mohammad Sharifi
    Po Box: 79145-3736, Bandar Abbas, Iran
    Tel: +98 76322 3611
    Mobile: +98 912 251 5652
    E-mail: mhdsharifi@yahoo.com

    Personal information:
    Date of Birth: October1978
    Habitat: Bandar Abbas\ IRAN

    Naval Architect from Tehran Polytechnic University (AMIR KABIR University) (1998-2002)


    08-2002 up to 06-2003:

    Structure dept., design & engineering office, ISOICO Shipyard:

    In this period I worked for preparing shop drawing for structure and hull outfitting dwg.

    1- Lunching barge 10000 tons
    2- Tanker Barge 5000 tons
    3- Deck Cargo Barge 5000 tons

    06-2003 up to now:
    Head of machinery Group, design & engineering office, ISOICO Shipyard:

    In this position I am prepare machinery installation (procedures and shop dwg) and also design machinery foundations, checking related P&ID & maker dwg, and … with my team.

    1- 1200 ton Landing Craft Project:
    2- 5000 tons Tanker Barge:
    3- 2200 TEU Container Carrier Project:
    4- 35000 tons Product Carrier Project:

    Part time Works:
    Amvage Boragh Company (from 2001 up to now):
    1- Treemaran (wave pursier) boat: Hull basic design & making model
    2- Fiber glass Trawler 400 ton: Hull basic Design& Stability Booklet.
    3- Passenger Catamaran 70 Persons: Hull Basic Design & Stability Booklet

    Arvandan Company (10-2004 up to 02-2005):
    1- Initial design and making Spec. for a 12.5m catamaran Hydrograph.
    2- Initial design, making Spec. and design P&ID diagram for a 12.5m Multicat boat.

    Abilities in computer:
    • AutoCAD 2006
    • Mechanical desktop 6
    • Tribon (Outfitting Modules)
    • Maxsurf
    • Hull form
    • Rhino ceros (a beginner)
    • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point Microsoft Project, Access) & …

    Training Courses:
    • Marine Diesel Engines in ISOICO Shipyard
    • Auxiliary Machinery (for 2 Month) in Emden- Germany
    • Tribon Software-Outfitting Modules (for 1 Month) in New Castle- UK
    • KAIZEN term in ISOICO Shipyard

    Skills and Abilities
    • I am a naval architect but my experience is in machinery group, therefore I can work in both fields (naval architect and mechanical engineer)
    • Completely Familiar with Machinery in Engine Room & Machinery Sys. In Merchant Ships
    • Completely Familiar Wit DIN, IACS, BV, GL and NKK Standards.
  7. Mark Anders
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    Mark Anders New Member

    Yacht Design Studio

    We are a fresh new, UK based studio specialising in the exterior/interior styling of yachts. We have experience working on boats from 5m to 90m

    I would love to talk further if the opportunity is still avaliable


  8. lazeyjack

    lazeyjack Guest

    work sit

    well expect too much, I wrote directly to him, no reply, darned rude
  9. Gypsie
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    Gypsie Randall Future by Design

    Hello Neil,
    I am an experienced Yacht Fitout Manger with trade background (Master Shipwright/Marine Engineer) and work experience in the middle east. I am currently winding down my Marine company in Malaysia and I am actively seeking new challenges in Yacht Fitout Management.
    I have taken the libery of emailing you my CV today.
    Kind regards
    Randall Hammond
    PH: +60 174800 519
  10. CaptainSeaman
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    CaptainSeaman New Member

    Project Manager

    Dear Neil Radnall,

    Please furnish me with your email address and I will return with my C.V. for your kind perusal. It applies for the type of projects you undertake. My email address is reubenwalters@msn.com.

    Yours sincerely,

    Capt. Reuben Walters
  11. gun817
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    gun817 New Member

    What is a C.V....?
  12. fiberglass jack
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    fiberglass jack Senior Member

    c.v is a resume
  13. buckknekkid
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    buckknekkid Senior Member

    curriculum vitae,, or embellished stats. :p
  14. marine designer
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    marine designer 3D Yacht Designer

  15. buckknekkid
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    buckknekkid Senior Member

    nice work amigo. love the Northstar lines
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