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Discussion in 'Software' started by mcollins07, Nov 24, 2008.

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    Hello to the many experts on this forum. I've really enjoyed reading and learning from all of you.

    As a low budget hobbyist, I'm using FreeShip, TurboCAD v9, DPlot, and MS Excel to analyze and design hulls. My numerical manipulations are in excel, and I typically iterate between the other programs to refine a particular curve or drawing.

    I want to transfer data from excel to TurboCAD, and DXF or DWG seems to be a likely format.

    Are any of you exporting excel spreadsheet data to DXF file?

    Are there any open source libraries or functions which can be adapted as modules for excel, - e.g. DXFIN, or DXFOUT ?
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    I create offset files in txt format from Excel. I then import these into Delftship Pro. From there you can create a number of standard 3D formats including dxf.

    The most common need I have using this method is to produce prop profiles so I usually do some manipulation in Delftship from the blade that I define in Excel - like duplicating the blade, rotating it and adding a hub. I have got good results because I have had the prop milled on a 5-axis machine and it came out very well once some extra meat was added to allow for tool pass depth.

    I have also had a couple of hulls milled from foam using the 3D formats from Delftship to milling tool control formats.

    If you are designing hull shapes I think you would get benefit out of using Godzilla. It can take most of the trial and error out of producing the optimum underwater shape.

    I have not found Freeship to be very useful for determining hull drag. Michlet is much more reliable.

    Rick W.
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    I have made a program called ConvertHullForm that can convert ship sectional data between different formats. One of the many formats that can be used as input is a format with at the first line the Lpp value and at the next lines all points (x,y,z formats separated by spaces) describing the sections. This format is very easy to generate using e.g. Excel. ConvertHullForm can output files in e.g. GHS (.gf), SHCP, DXF, Tecplot and Michlet sploff formats. Furthermore, you can edit the frames or see them in 2d and 3d if you like. You can also calculate the hydrostatics of your hull based on the sections.

    A sample screendump is given below:

    If you like, I can give you the program (for free, the more users the better :) ) so you can see whether it is useful. Mail me at s.l.toxopeus<at>marin.nl.
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    yipster designer

    hello Tox, not immideate in need but like to be one of the more users the better, great to see MARIN on the forum!

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    Thanks for your replies. I am taking a look at Godzilla now. Tox, I emailed you and hope to take a look at ConvertHullForm also. It sounds like just what I need.

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