Examples for hull shape modeling/fairing from scratch.

Discussion in 'Software' started by Alexanov, Sep 26, 2020.

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    Hello everyone. I am looking for some videos, manuals with kind of explanation how to build hull shape from scratch in cad programs. I have got quite many questions from naval architects students about hull shape. Sometimes they send me models from different cad software. I wonder where they learn how to build the models? I have a filing that most of them use models generated from some library files and have no idea how to use software right way. In most of the video of hull shape modeling, most of the time shows long way of preparation of initial data Offset table, frames, existing lines drawing and etc., but not modeling itself. Very often it is just examples with generating of “dream” hull shape from the library in 5 min. Real process of hull shape modeling takes much more time than you can see in some kind of “advertising” video and often not looks simple and easy at all.
    But, if you a naval architect student, where you can learn it? Maximum they can get is free version of software, but without any right training. Teachers in university is not pay so much attention for that.
    Soon the new naval architects start to work somewhere and will learn it again? It is maybe ok, but I think basic principals they have to get from university. What is your opinion?
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    The hull shape is determined by the statement of requirements (SOR). Modelling is a visual representation of a design, not the design itself. I think that there is a misunderstanding about the definition of "design". In naval architecture, the design satisfies the SOR. It is irrelevant how it is represented. A 3D CADD is equivalent to a table of offsets or a traditional three plane view. In art, the design is what you actually see. "Dream" hull shapes by amateurs rarely satisfy an SOR, which usually does not exist.
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