Evoy 100hp Electric Outboard

Discussion in 'Electric Propulsion' started by brian eiland, Apr 5, 2020.

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    Maritime Journal | The world’s most powerful electric outboard motor https://www.maritimejournal.com/news101/power-and-propulsion/the-worlds-most-powerful-electric-outboard-motor


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    Looks like it is a 150 HP, not 100 HP. The Evoy website says 150 HP continuous. Not clear if this is at the motor output or the propeller shaft (standard method for rating outboards) but it sounds like it is an actual power rating, not an "effective" rating as used by Torqeedo, which is good to see. Presumably the claims for weight and price are for the the outboard unit only andd do not include batteries. From the Evoy website: PRODUCTS | Evoy https://evoy.no/products/#elementor-action%3Aaction%3Dpopup%3Aopen%20settings%3DeyJpZCI6IjQ3MjYiLCJ0b2dnbGUiOmZhbHNlfQ%3D%3D

    Ready for sale Q1 2021
    • Worlds First High Output Electric Outboard built for Commercial Application
    • Powerful beyond expectations with full torque from zero rpm
    • 150 hp Continuous – Higher hp in peak for planing and sprints
    • Weight the same or less than comparable gasoline outboards
    • Price the same or less than comparable diesel outboards
    More details will follow later
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