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    New take on ladder foils.


    Picture from Sailing Anarchy - front page.

    Another group of Swiss go-faster folks. Link to Facebook page, but it forces unencrypted connection and wants you to click "Like" to get more info. Highly likely this is a scam and is mining your personal information as well as collecting contact info on purpose. If this is a legit bunch, their tactics on Facebook are as slimy as Facebook itself.

    Apologize - just saw this in multihulls. Tried to delete, but can't.

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    Ladderfoils / monohull sailboats

    The best ladderfoil sailboat that I know of is Monitor developed in the 50's. It was the first sailing monohull foiler and may have been the first sailing foiler to complete a tack on foils-the second being the Moth. It had a unique system that allowed the foils to develop all the righting moment-similar to the Hobie Trifoiler and Rave multifoilers.

    click on image:

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    The guy who invented the telephone, A.G. Bell, also spent a lot of time on this, which did 78 mph in 1919. It's not sailing, but still cool and a foiler. What's old is new, right?

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