European spec boat in the US

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    Domestic practice in the UK and Ireland is ring based ( 40 amp) and mains sockets typically use 4 sq. Uk boats have tended to follow that. My Bene is 2.5 sq stranded.

    Rewiring a boat is a horrendous task. Lots of wires are buried grp conduits and are impossible to remove. What I said was that it behoves an inspection. If the cabling is adaquate then it could be used. The " pull it out" without examination is a brainless thi g to do.

    In fact I'd go further. Even if I discovered lighter cable. I would derate my breakers and live with the lower powered sockets. Even 10 or 12 amps at 110 is still a reasonable socket. I'd then selectively rewire the high powered stuff, like water heaters, etc.

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