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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Tad, Oct 24, 2008.

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    Tad Boat Designer

    I'm looking for dimensional clearances for the smaller (Class I) European canals, specifically the width and height clearance in tunnels and under bridges. I know I've seen a dimensioned drawing someplace in the past, but cannot find it now. Any leads would be appreciated, thanks.

    Working on a maxi canal cruiser able to cross oceans at 12-14 knots. 105' by 16', 4' max draft.


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    yipster designer are experts in this with radar posts, eta's etc, price is € 350 tho and my older navigo floppy's can only run on one system by copy protection.
    anyway, nice guy's that will certainly answer your Class1 question by email
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    Getting Foggy...


    Rhymes with Groggie...


    In England there are still 'crawlies' - long sections of tunnel where you used to lie on you back on top of your narrowboat and push against the roof with your legs...

    Damn - I bought what they call a 'header' last trip - what we would call a tide chart - if I can find the thing - I will scan it up...

    Again - thanks for your help - past and present - I will be reworking the DP74 and shooting things your way for your always 'cards on table' critique...

    See - not to hi jack this thread ...

    Thinking similar for the DP74 - I don't like those supply lines on the Lazzara - bit sloppy - ECM cables in the bilge - even if just a photo shoot - COME ON - shhh...

    I like that 'little' ship of yours - very buildable and sensible - as always - masts in tabernacles ? ...

    Can you Email me this file - just want to 'play' with the water....

    See - your call ...

  4. lazeyjack

    lazeyjack Guest

    hello Yippy yi yo,
    do you know what the min distance is wl to weather deck on class B recreational?
  5. yipster
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    yipster designer


    those noorderzon guy's sailed most euro mainland waterway's with a dutch barge but my old euro version of navigo ( without UK i recall, witch is a story in itself as sean allready mentioned ) did not have the various classifications at the time, but yes, i should restart the old lazey laptop again one of these days. e-mailed noordersoft and asked Peter Feenstar to say something here on classification. a quik search gave me B recreational europen waterways&btnG=Google zoeken&meta= and B europen waterways&btnG=Zoeken&meta=

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    There is no easy answer.

    For france, you can see

    For most commercial / industrial traffic, you can count on len 38.5m, beam 5.05m, draft 1.80m , air draft 3.5m. Beware, 5.05m is for a steel industrial hull. If you have a glossy white hull and you want to use some fenders in the locks, it is up to you to reduce beam accordingly.

    But for more leisure purpose, canal have odd sizing. see
    Air draft is 3 m at the boat center, but only 2m on boat sides. Draft is 1.6m, less in summer :D
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