EU sources for epoxy resins, core foam and laminates?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by 28N16W, Sep 16, 2009.

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    I am planning to build a Farrier F32A folding trimaran soon.
    I am currently in the preparation phase, planning the construction site, techniques (hand layup, vacuum, infusion etc) and also locating providers for the required materials.

    I have been googling around quite a lot today, but most providers for epoxy resins and associated materials are US based.

    Is there anybody who can point to EU, Eurozone, or even Spanish (I live in Tenerife) sources for "value for money" sources for resins, cloths and core foam?
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    Thanks Richard. That seems like a good source with prices comparable to US levels.

    I just googled a bit more myself using German keywords and found:

    which leads to a company with a web site:

    Although they advertise the epoxy for floor sealing, further on they recommend it for laminating too. It seems to have no unwanted additives and sells incredibly cheap: €7.20/l

    Does anybody know this supplier? He seems to have a perfect reputation on ebay. Maybe worth a checkout?
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    I would say 17,60 US $ for a KG of FAA and GL approved resin is a price our US members do not even dream about!
    (you must use the drop down menues to go to higher quantities, lower prices)

    The other supplier I do´nt know but the resin seems to be thought mainly for floors! So not comparable.

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    My calculation on 200kg Resin L with 80kg matching hardener comes to a price of €11,17/kg=$16.31. Seems a good price indeed.
    I also found UK composites:
    Combination of resin and hardener works out to €9.19/kg.
    That's how he announces it on ebay, but further down he gives a better description:

    Für Laminate mit Glasgewebe und anderen Amierungen, als Beschichtung, für Sichtcarbonteile glasfaserverstärkter Formteile, Bootsbau, Karosserien, Modellbau, Einsatz bei Aquarium-, Terarium-, Teichbau, Schwimmbadbau. Versiegelung für Beton, Holz, u.a.""
    and further down:

    "EPV045/EPV025 ist ein niedrigviskoses, reaktivverdünntes Epoxydharz mit großer Anwendungsbreite auf der Basis von Bisphenol-A/Bisphenol-F. EPV045/EPV025 ist neben seiner hervorragenden Eignung als Laminierharz auch hervorragend für füllstoffhaltige Formulierung geeignet."
    For non German readers: The applications include laminating with glass and other fibres, boatbuilding etc. EPV045/EPV025 is a low viscosity reactive-dissolved Epoxy resin based on Bisphenol-A/Bisphenol-F. It is, apart from a lamination resin also excellent for applications with fillers.

    The price of €7.20/kg seems worth a test, wouldn't you agree?

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    Of course, at that price you cannot loose too much!
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    Also contact the guys at

    Their resin is the same as R&G, and prices are even a little lower. Besides resin, they have all you need (resin, glass, foam, tools, vacuum stuff, etc). They ship anywhere.

    And importantly, they do good advise on working with the materials, and even help with laminating schedules.
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    I used company

    they dofoam but its not reallysuitable for hull. I used it for non critial areas like hatches and cabin top.

    They where the best price I could find in uk for 25-30kg

    Good info pages

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    Thanks to all, this is all valuable information!

    Regarding foam core: This seems to be the most expensive material for the hulls (I'm am planning to build a Farrier F32A trimaran). I am inclined to opt for Core Cell. But I see very few prices on line, and the ones that I have seen scared the death out of me :-(. I have an offer from Noah,

    The sheets offered are almost 3m2, 12mm 80kg/m3 and cost €22.50/m2. After my initial scare that seems like a good price.

    Kim s's foam supplier does indeed not have anything that I would want to use for my hulls.

    Herman, do you know what price Brands charge for this foam core? I think I'll work out my materials list and ask a quote with all the companies we found so far.

    Apex1, R&G only sell the Airex foam, which I worked out to be 90kg/m2, but which costs almost 50€/m2!! Do you have any experience with this material? I need 130m2 of it. We are talking €6.500 just for the foam core!

    Anybody else any other suggestions for foam core?

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    Good remark ...

    I have checked with oanda, 166 canadian dollars make 105 € for a sheet so 35€ / m². Not including sales taxes, import duties and transport.

    R-G Airex foam seems to be C70-75 which is a cross linked PVC foam, and not a suitable replacement for Corecell A500.

    The replacement Airex foam for equivalent mechanical characeristics would be R63-80 linear PVC. The price I have for this is a bit over 60€ per m². (12mm thickness)

    The problem is that there it seems to be only worldwide ONE manufacturer for SAN (Corecell type ) foam and ONE worldwide manufacturer for Linear PVC foam (Airex R63 type).
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    Thats the price, yes!
    But when you send them a enquiry for your specific needs (other foam densities too), you may get a better price.
    But I am not the right person to ask for foam core, I would never build a hull with that stuff. Look at my Gallery and you know why.....

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    slow rise spray foam


    I do not design boats but could you use a closed cell slow-rise Polyurethane spray foam? Something along the lines like what can be found at ? To do the job you are talking about would require the 55gal drums (and related application equipment) but you could always order a small all-in-one kit to test it out.

    We just ordered some to use inside some floats in the event the outer shell is breached somehow. Our plan was to spray a layer, then spray a sealant, then another layer of foam, then another layer of sealent, etc.

    The sealent isn't needed with closed cell foams but we figure it would add an additional layer of protection should there be seepage somewhere. Some of the foam might become saturated over time but there would be additional barriers to limit any spreading. With your heavier closed cell foams it's not an issue, but I'm not sure what the long-term permability rate is for 2lb closed cell foam.

    I thought I would mention it as a possibility if you wanted to experiment with it in a smaller test shell or something.


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    Thanks Hap, but I need foam in sheets because the construction method is based on glueing foam strips inside a female plug. Epoxy/glass laminate is applied directly to the foam hull halfs. First on the inside, then on the outside.

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