epoxy with PVC foam

Discussion in 'Materials' started by signum, Sep 30, 2006.

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    signum engineer

    Does anybody works in boatbuilding making the boat hull in fiberglass - PVC foam sandwich using just epoxy not polyester ?
    Is that a good method or is too expensive ?
    How many layers of laminate should I use in comparison with polyester version?
    I know that mat isn't suitable with epoxy just the roving is, is that true ?
    Does somebody know a book or guide wich explain more and maybe how many
    epoxy laminates should I use ?

  2. JR-Shine
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    JR-Shine SHINE

    PVC foam and epoxy laminates are great, much better than polyester/PVC by any measure (other than price).

    The density and thickness of the foam and the lamination depend on many things, not enough info to give any help on that.

    Mat CAN be used with epoxy, we do it all the time. You just need to be certain that the mat is compatible with epoxy. Some mat has a binder that is designed to dissolve in polyester, with epoxy it just turns into a gummy mess. Check with your supplier.

    I would suggest www.diabgroup.com as a place to start. Also the SP website used to have some good articles, but I have trouble finding them now that they have been acquired by another comany.

    Good luck

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    AVMan Junior Member

    SP Systems

    FYI.... SP Systems is now under the Gurit name (www.gurit.com)

  4. Herman
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    Herman Senior Member

    Salut Signum,

    What kind of boat are you building?

    Epoxy with PVC is no problem, as the others already said.

    Most rovings I have seen in your country are very course, and they might not be the best material to use.

    Where are you working?


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