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Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by keith66, Jul 28, 2011.

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    Over the last year or so my father in law have had two projects built side by side, we buy West epoxy by the gallon. Trouble is the metering pumps are not truly accurate so there is a small tendency to use the hardener up before the resin can is empty, after a while Its got to the stage where we have over half gallon of West resin left over & no hardener! I just bought another Gallon & new pumps & before i chuck half a gallon of expensive west resin away can i get hardener on its own from anywhere???
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    Resin is a single product, as is hardener, you don't have to buy "kits", but just what you need. In the UK, I'm at a lose for a good answer, but mail order is often a good choice.

    Rather then accepting the irregularities of the pumps, toss them out and use a disposable clear plastic cups and use a ruler next to it. You can be quite precise, better then the pumps.
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    Sure, you can buy just the hardner or resin. There are about a thousand sites on the web that sell it, or check out a local marine supply place. Of course, that's here in the States. Can't imagine it's any different in the UK.

    I generally don't use the pumps for larger projects, opting for a scale to measure it by weight, or by pouring it into graduated cups. I've also shifted to other epoxy systems that have 2:1 ratios rather than West's awkward 5:1 ratio.
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    Fairly true, 2:1 ratios are easier to meter and often more tolerant (often -+ 5 to 10% of hardener without adverse effect on the strength) for the DIY in wood epoxy. There are plenty of brands in the UK, maybe you can find the very good French brand SICOMIN. The price will be better as the West is pretty expensive in the USA and I imagine the British price after importation...

    Cups or scale are better than the imprecise "mustard" pumps. However you can check them with a cup and make the corrections
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    Hardener evaporates some.. so have it closed and not in too warm place for longer periods, and you can allways put a "drop" of extra resin for last surface patches so it's better against blush and water penetration..
    BR Teddy
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    The issue is not your pump accuracy. If you are using the 206 hardener the true ratio is 4.7:1 by volume or 5.4:1 by weight and the pumps are made to deliver this. But because West market the product as 5:1 by volume they fill the containers for this ratio otherwise the weight and measure authority would be on to them for short changing the customer.
    So if you do use their pumps there will always be resin left over.

    Perhaps BP Gougeon can confirm this.

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    there are about 60 different hardeners available to use with a handful of resins. It is a mix and match process that also includes other additives to control mix ratio, price, visc, etc. The hardener as you know, is more expensive than the resins so companies trying to max their profits will formulate a mix ratio that uses them min amount of curing agent.

    paul oman progressive epoxy polymers inc.
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