Epoxy Preference?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by die_dunkelheit, Feb 15, 2012.

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    Any opinions on the Resin Research epoxies?

    I believe they are in Florida, so maybe PAR is familiar with it and it looks like Skyking1 has used it.

    Beside being inexpensive it looks like you can get a lot of different formulations. They are promoted for the surfing industry - not sure if that makes any difference. For my particular application, it would be to extend the structural floors, so permeability issues (if there are any) is not relevant.

    A local shipwright was using it on an Open 60 (or some such offshore racer) using the high modulus (high viscosity formulation) and had it in a hot water bath to lower the viscosity. But there are lower viscosity versions more suitable for hand layup.

    I'm looking mainly for an economical alternative to the usual suspects in the epoxy world. Raka and Marinepoxy are mentioned a lot but I don't think there are any local suppliers whereas there is a Resin Research source just across the border.

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    I've used Resin Research for test model building and I think it is excellent.
    I've used slow and fast-slow is best most of the time when its hot. The mix ratio is 2/1 so it's pretty straight forward. These guys will work with you- if you need some special characteristics they can probably help.
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