Epoxy paint - amercoat vs amerlock

Discussion in 'Materials' started by M&M Ovenden, Aug 13, 2016.

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    We are back at our steel boat building project which means tons of fun sandblasting and painting. We were using Devoe bar rust 235, but as most might be aware they have been purchased by PPG.

    PPG also has a product amercoat 235, which I'm not sure is a rebranding, or a pre Devoe product. We were assuming we would just use that, however the local distributor is pushing amerlock 400 as a better product.

    Comparing data sheets the 400 is a higher solids product, the down side is a little stricter application temperatures and overcoat times.

    I'm also looking at using amercoat 240 or 253 for inside our diesel fuel tank.

    Does anybody have any thoughts, comments or suggestions on these products ?

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    I used Jotun 605 on my steel hull. Time in service is the only way to tell how good it is, but it was straightforward to apply (roller in my case) and is definitely tough. Reasonable pot life and I've applied it down to 8C hull temperature without dramas.

    I've got approx 400 micron thickness on the topsides and bottom, as measured by an ultrasonic thickness gauge. I hope never to have to do it again.

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