epoxy or polyester resin

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by gbaaron, Jun 19, 2004.

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    I am replacing the floor and stringers in my baja force 200. I hear from some people that epoxy is better & others say that I should use polyester resin because thats what the boat is made of. what do you guys think?
    Thanks, Aaron
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    I replaced stringers and bulkheads in my fountain... I used epoxy and had great results with handling the epoxy and it's adhesion qualities... . The best part about using epoxy for repairs is the fact that it doesn't "go off" like polyester... as the epoxy cures it slowly gets thicker... until it hardens... so if there is an area of cloth that "lifts"... such as around a radius... you can work with it while it stiffens... Once polyester and vinylester starts to go... it's history...
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    The bottom line is epoxy is stronger in every way we measure, it sticks better, is a little easier to use and the trade off is that it costs more then the 'esters.
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