epoxy fuel tanks

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Guest, Dec 18, 2001.

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    Thanks for the info. Your comments concur with others and I have abandoned the idea. Instead, I have settled with multiple 50 gallon poly tanks. The tanks are built to USCG spec and pressure tested etc and have all fittings installed. The cost is minimal and with multiple tanks, I have tremendous flexibilty re: transferring/cleaning fuel, removing a tank for cleaning or replacement etc. I will build plywood/epoxy enclosures to hold the tanks in place while allowing for expansion and to keep fuel contained in case of any leak.
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    Can you check those links Jeff? I think they've been hijacked. I certainly didn't get anywhere near any sites that you described. Scanned my system, seems ok from here.
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    first link was like some dumb crap,,,second was a "utube" link,,,
    just the other day i took off 2 fuel tanks off a 69 chevy truck,,,they were green so i figured it musta been vinyl ester,,,they didnt have ANY holes in them,,,,till i grabbed them and almost pushed my fingers through,,,,they were as brittle as an egg shell.
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    Not highjacked, just expired and reused by someone else. They were 6 years old, it happens sometimes.
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    Update From Initial Poster On Epoxy Tanks

    well, since 1998 I have been using this 12' whaler with my integral epoxy fuel tank--3000 hours on a Suzuki 15 4 stroke. Everything was fine, until the brains in our govt decided to burn food for fuel and contaminated my tank with ethanol.

    The ethanol reacted with the resin, and created a varnish type stuff which clogged my filters. I had built my own version of a 2" diameter gulf coast filter which essentially saved my engine and filtered out all the goo that my tank was becoming.

    I had to put a 6 gallon plastic tank inthe boat floor and run gas lines--that will work until this winter when i will have to cut the boat up to remove the epoxy tank and replace with either a glass tank made from the other resin that is supposed to stand up to ethanol, or build a aluminum tank. Because of the very custom fit of this tank to get max capacity, I should really be able to weld aluminum if i ever get a tank finished.

    so, for what its worth, that is my experience. one tank of ethanol mix screwed up my 10 years of corrosion free bliss. but i am considering epoxying the outside of any aluminum tank i get to prevent any outside pinholing corrosion--this may be a good compromise and should be able to withstand most fuels, until they come up with something that eats aluminum. Now, i am paranoid about epoxy tanks for diesel--there is no telling what they will come up with to mix with diesel in the future.

    there should be a good market for retrofit gas tanks in the 1000s of 17 whalers out there with FB tanks under the seats---its already happening to some around here as ethanol makes its appearance. Also problems with the old hattys and bertram gas burners with the FB tanks--i think BoatUS has a good article on these tanks and how ethanol is eating them and causing engine problems as well.

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    Steve what about air craft fuel tanks (bladders)?
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    epoxy tank

    I dont really know about aircraft bladder tanks. you would think that in aircraft the designers would use material that would withstand anything, but who knows. i thought epoxy was just about bulletproof, and took a chance because i was aware of the alcohol problem with it---i just got shot after 10 years. but there is lemonade in this lemon, because now i get to drain a small compartment into a bilge system i built so i wont have to hand pump anything on this small boat anymore, so thats something. that has to be done before the tank is fitted, so now is a good time.

    I know that things not designed to withstand ethanol dont fare well. even the gasket i used on the tank fill of this tank was a smeary mush of black, just from the vapor i guess. however, the Suzuki is running great, and i suspect that they have seals and gaskets in the fuel system that are alcohol resistant. thankfully my fuel line that i used was the latest and greatest from west marine, and i did spring for the alcohol resistant lines.

    I think that because of the imminent importance of fuel in a airplane, i would check with the plane manufacturer and see if they know what that bladder is made of and whether or not it is alcohol resistant.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I researched the owners manual of my oldest car, a mercedes 560sl which i figured i would have to scrap if ethanol began to eat up its fuel system. Believe me, Mercedes makes west marine look like walmart in their prices for nearly anything! thankfully it was built to withstand since, since i think they have used it in Europe long before us.

    so hopefully those bladder tanks are ok. i would expect very strict standards on an aircraft, moreso than on a boat.

    good luck and i hope it turns out ok.

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    Cool .I will let you know how it works out. I have had some experience with aircraft and we used a variety of octain and fuel types. Added advantage is they can be setup not to collapse when empty. Our Grummen AG Cats had upward of twenty year old tanks in them so who knows. Damn expensive but if they last long enough it will be worth it. I currently have a VW fuel tank in the boat(not my idea):D

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