Epoxy Fairing Compounds

Discussion in 'Materials' started by drewpster, Aug 29, 2006.

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    Chum, I looked at all of the Awlgrip products including the Awlfair you mentioned. I think it is a superior product. However being a novice working with marine finishes I decided to go with a slightly less expensive alternative. I can only afford to screw up so much and I am at about my limit with this fairing job. I also decided on Mas epoxy because it is available locally. I have a retailer here that carries it. I will be using Interlux Brightside to paint the topsides and Perfection to do the hull. Both of which are available at the same outlet here in town. After my third trip down there to get yet another pot of Micro-balloons I was glad they had it on hand. Now when I screw up priming and then the painting all I need to do is sand it off and go for another quart. If the financing get approved! Expensive hobby. I was thinking of going with Hatteras Off White for the topsides and Fighting lady Yellow for the hull. My wife and father want the dark blue that is so popular right now on the hull. (Searay Blue) But I am afraid the darker color will show too many defects. This is an early fiberglass hull and it has some waviness to it. I could go with the safest white color on the hull, but there are too many white boats around as it is. Fighting Lady yellow is a good compromise. If anybody has some tricks or tips concerning the painting I would love to know them.

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    We either mix our own "blended filler" with 4/1 (by weight) phenolic microballoons and silica, or we use Quick Fair, a System Three product. Quick fair is very easy to use and its better than what you mix yourself. Besides sand ing better, it also cures fast so you cane sand after only 4 hours = 2 fairing sessions per work day :)

    Here is a link to the quick fair....
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