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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by zember311, Jul 3, 2004.

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    Well, I just applied my very last layer of yellow pigment dyed epoxy to the boat i am building.

    I noticed a few fish eye bubbles in the final epoxy coat.

    before my final coat, there were several coats applied to the fiber glass clothe.

    before the fianl coat, i sanded all tape seams and cured epoxy areas with 60 grit by hand, then 100 by hand, then 150 by sander to get a good bonding surface for the final coat.

    now that it is finished, as i said there are a few fish eye air bubbles in the final coat.

    is there a way to sand these out and still keep the wet finish look of the hull?

    like 220 wet grit and some wax?

    i'm just afraid to sand thje final coat and have that dull sanded look after i'm done.

    hope this was enough information and any help would be great

  2. JR-Shine
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    JR-Shine SHINE

    I think you should just go back and fill them in with some thickend epoxy. Better to do it now than fight the paint later.

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    I agree with JR. wet sanding won't help, you'd just sand off the entire layer of epoxy you just put on. These bubbles usually extend through the whole layer. You said you added pigment to the epoxy? Try the pigment as a thickener in some epoxy on a small spot first to see if it'll match, then fill your bubbles with this. Otherwise, it's glazing putty and a paint job. Let us know how it turns out. :D
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    Squeegee time.
  5. pungolee
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    Poke a small hole into the bubble with an ice-pick.Put one squirt of mixed west system into a large hypodermic syringe and inject the bubble several times over a 5 minute period.Wipe off excess until the bubble gels.Proceed.

  6. zember311
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    Thanks for all the help!

    All advice made the difference.

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