Entry-level sailing at its best

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by brian eiland, Sep 20, 2010.

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    brian eiland Senior Member

    FACEBOOK OR FLINTSTONES generation appeal

    The new America’s Cup now targets the Facebook generation and not the
    Flintstone generation. Meanwhile the O’Pen BIC nails the bullseye... a
    modern & cool boat to keep kids excited for sailing.

    Find the kids’ choice at New Age Sailing Video

    See why fleets are happening all over. The O’Pen BIC uses new-age design
    and recyclable materials in a rocket-ship hull and contemporary rig. Just two
    minutes to rig, completely self-bailing, no maintenance, less expensive.
    Capsizing is now fun! Bottom line? Kids can’t wait to sail O’pen BICs.

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    I don't think an OpenBic provides a leap in performance or handling over the (much older) Byte, for instance. It's just trendier.

    And, at $3000US apiece, this is entry-level sailing only for privileged children . . . .
    Same goes for a race level Opti (and I agree that an OpenBic - or Byte - would be way more fun!).

    Perhaps "entry-level sailing at its best" should be inclusive, rather than exclusive. PDR's come to mind as excellent entry level boats that anyone can afford - with added appeal to innovators.
    Also, "entry level" doesn't mean just children. Plenty of adults would like to learn to sail, too, and aren't going to fit on a OB - or be all that enthused about capsizing.

    BTW, your post come across as blatant advertising, not as an invitation to a discussion . . . .
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