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    Cost effective, highly detailed engineering system design & drafting for aluminium craft from 15 to 50 metres to IACS or relevant Local Flag codes.
    *Shaftlines - conventional or Waterjet
    *Rudder -stocks, tillers, support structure
    *Fire & Bilge drainage Piping circuits
    *Main machinery mounting- resilient & resin shim
    *Exhaust systems - waterlift, dry reactive silencer with water mixer combination & Fast Ferry style Underwater outlet / surface by-pass
    *E/Room Ventilation - positive or extraction, Damper shutoffs, etc
    *Fuel- fill, vent,, supply, return,, treatment Plants, etc

    Ideal for small shipyards without an Engineering design infrastructure,
    shipyards looking to transition from Steel Ship to Aluminium & seeking lightweight system design technology transfer
    A valuable adjunct to Kit Boat suppliers looking to enhance their offerings to Client's

    Experience - 35 years, Australian Fastcraft Industry, predominantly Fast Ferry, Superyacht & Offshore Crew & Utility (Oil & Windfarm)

    Designs can be provided in 2 & 3D formats to either IACS or Local Flag State Codes

    Contact: for drawing / model samples & further info

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    Naval Architect Position

    Are you available to work in the US? If so, please send
    your resume to
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