engine working hours

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by urisvan, Aug 29, 2012.

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    The simplest concept on engine life is fuel burn.

    The engine will go thru a certain amount of fuel, and then need a rebuild.

    At 20GPH it will last half the hours of a 10GPH fuel use rate.
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    Although there are major exceptions for things like very low loads (cold engine, little ring pressure) and running rich (very bad for a diesel), I agree with fuel burn as a rough approximation.

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    This really reminds me when I was a kid..an old family friend,had worked on Detroits all his life,from WW2 up to the late 80's,and casually in his garage in retirement for extra cash.

    Another friend of my family, had a new boat with a turbo'd up Detroit putting out high horsepower and wanted some maintenance-so John did it-once.
    Wanted nothing to do with those engines.

    The owner ran it hard-within recommended use- and I remember John " how much hp is this putting out?"
    Getting an answer,thinking a second and then saying something like " 550 hours..then she'll blow"

    At 500 hours it was done for...
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