Engine progress and price control

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by cyclops, Jun 12, 2005.

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    "50's thru 70's are still being rebuilt and being raced at power levels of up to 500%."

    And usefull service life reduced to seconds! (Dragsters)

    Unfortunatly slow rpm and lower loads (bigger engine) weigh more than a flyweight screamer .

    AS mechanics are expensive , its usually very cheap to just toss the "non rebuildable" auto stuff. Get a catalog from the local dealer and you will see a fine (Rebuildable)350 chevy engine long block for $1700 , cheaper when on sale.

    Most cant tear down the engine , have the machining done , and reassemble with new factory parts for that price.

    The engines with replaceable liners can be field overhauled many times before removal and a machine shop is needed , but that isnt a light design.

    Its simplest when the owner has a realistic view of the vessels intended use.

    A 350 chebby (or Volvo auto transplant throwaway) to tow water skiers , why not?

    To tow a trawl in the sea 300 days a year , a very different choice might be more rational.

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    Variety was a wonderful part of boating at one time. Now and into the future you will have a selection of 1 approved mass produced design that looks and handles like everyone elses.--------- " I would love to go out on your boat which is exactly the same as mine to feel the difference."------------- Fortunatly, I am 67 and will not have to live in a boating world like that.---------------------- I am totally in favor of anything that can keep alive the boats of each generation and as a result keep the interest of that generation at a high level in boating. I totally enjoy any types of vintage boat shows. Sail, power, offshore or navies of the world.
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    As long as goofballs like me still exist, your wish will come true. I currently have a 1980 Chris Craft, 1977 Aquasport, and a 1965 Starcraft, all being restored, customized slightly, and powerplants rebuilt/ replaced any way I can on a shoestring budget. And there's about 10 more boats I'd like to redo that I haven't aquired yet. NEXT..... :D

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    Older and younger woman do not need me anymore. But all boats do.
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