engine mounts for python/aqua drive?

Discussion in 'Inboards' started by elioti, Dec 13, 2008.

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    hi there, i have a 10meter motorboat, with a perkins 4236 75 hp that i intend to fit in it. i plan to fit a python drive, but not sure what mounts to fit, where do i get soft mounts from, and how soft? engine and box weighs about 500 kilos, any advice appreciated.Have some mercedes car mounts, even considered adapting these as guess would be soft? But how soft? Thanks
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    Hi elioti,

    Is this the system you refer to? http://www.pythondrive.com/800/talen/eng/800 eng.htm

    One of the nice things about these CV shafts is that the thrust bearing function is no longer performed by the transmission. So there's no need for the engine mounts to handle the shaft thrust, thus they can be tuned purely to dampen the vibrations of that particular engine.

    Have you talked to the engineers at Perkins yet? I would think that they'd be able to give you a few suggestions for mounts that would work well with your 4236. The marketing hype from the guys who sell the mounts may not be reflective of how they would actually perform in your specific case....
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