engine hp and transmision ration

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    hinemoa hinemoa

    like most threads i ve read, i have a querry about my new venture

    16.5 metre catamaran
    aliminium hulls
    1.3 at their widest but water line around 900mm
    water line around 350mm
    weight around 9 ton??
    shaft size already in boat is 1 3/4
    prop size(pitch unknown)400mm in diameter

    the boat was a comercial tour boat, but now gutted from original 120hp cummins diesels(and gbox ratio unknown)
    previous speed unknown

    basically after a thought of what minimum engine size in each hull i can use as its now a pleasure craft and wouldnt mind if it had a reasonable pase picture of engine bay included DSC04490.JPG
    and rear ends

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